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  • Generación de exalumnas Colegio Labastida 1966
    122 members Last activity 6:46 PM
    70 members Last activity 1:21 AM
  • Governor -Gladdy Christie Husayan Vice Governor - Internal -Alexander D. Dañas Vice Governor - External -Armin Tatoy Vice...
    100 members Last activity Jul 29
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  • STI College Sta. Maria Alumni
    515 members Last activity 8:47 AM
  • This group was born out of the idia that there was a class system existing amongst students in the university of Sierra Leone. Against this backdrop, some students of high academic and social standing on at Fourah Bay...
    119 members Last activity Jul 28
  • This site has been launched to focus the placament and campus informations. This will be greatly helpful in the campus awareness.We hope that you will be support us. - S.K.P.E.C 0408
    143 members Last activity Jul 28
  • SPCM BSCS is an exclusive yahoogroup for 4th year students of Computer Science-St. Paul University Manila.
    178 members Last activity Jul 16
  • UMass Lowell's Muslim Students Association
    179 members Last activity Jul 10
  • ...seeing the bright future in civil engineering...
    61 members Last activity May 31
  • Nhóm sinh viên "Anh em Génie électrique" tap hop nhau vi nhung muc tieu chung. Ensemble, soyons AEGE! http://aeee.free.fr
    140 members Last activity Jul 29