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  • Generación de exalumnas Colegio Labastida 1966
    122 members Last activity 1:47 AM
    76 members Last activity 11:47 PM
  • Governor -Gladdy Christie Husayan Vice Governor - Internal -Alexander D. Dañas Vice Governor - External -Armin Tatoy Vice...
    101 members Last activity 7:26 PM
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  • STI College Sta. Maria Alumni
    518 members Last activity 2:12 PM
  • This group was born out of the idia that there was a class system existing amongst students in the university of Sierra Leone. Against this backdrop, some students of high academic and social standing on at Fourah Bay...
    120 members Last activity 1:58 PM
  • This site has been launched to focus the placament and campus informations. This will be greatly helpful in the campus awareness.We hope that you will be support us. - S.K.P.E.C 0408
    132 members Last activity 1:58 AM
  • SPCM BSCS is an exclusive yahoogroup for 4th year students of Computer Science-St. Paul University Manila.
    166 members Last activity 7:00 PM
  • Nhóm sinh viên "Anh em Génie électrique" tap hop nhau vi nhung muc tieu chung. Ensemble, soyons AEGE! http://aeee.free.fr
    141 members Last activity Feb 27
  • ...seeing the bright future in civil engineering...
    61 members Last activity Feb 8
  • Group of catholic graduates of IMO STATE UNIVERSITY OWERRI, NIGERIA.
    99 members Last activity Feb 27