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  • Welcome to the taxidermy club browse and enjoy
    309 members Last activity 3:46 AM
  • WARNING: This is information. Don't get offended. Here is my hobbie. Jotted down in this club. Road kill and taxidermy are the two best things, and I put them together. Here is...
    227 members Last activity 2:16 AM
  • A group dedicated to the advancement of Taxidermy and the investigation of all things Taxidermical.
    18 members Last activity 4:09 PM
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  • An ad-hoc group of individuals and units focused on expanding progressive and campaign reenacting in New England.
    97 members Last activity Apr 15
  • A listserv for all aspects of the art, business, and hobby called taxidermy.
    232 members Last activity Aug 19, 2013
  • Strong arms, bandy legs
    10 members Last activity Apr 5, 2013
  • for those interested in the pursuit of taxidermy
    71 members Last activity Mar 14, 2013
  • Hello, Welcome to TAXIDERMY OBSESSED, the club for those that are, well, obsessed with taxidermy! I can sure say that I am! My name is Amy Ritchie and I'm a 15 year old taxidermist. I've...
    160 members Last activity Jan 12, 2013
  • Welcome to Aaron & Sharon Goen's Taxidermy. If you have one for the wall, give us a call. You can find us on mapquest at (4424 west 67th st Anderson In 46011). We are right off Exit 22 on...
    155 members Last activity Sep 28, 2012
  • Talk about Taxidermy and Hunting!
    91 members Last activity Aug 14, 2012