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  • Scholarly Indexing is an open forum for professional indexers who specialize in indexing materials published by academic presses, or publications intended for scholars, researchers, and...
    303 members Last activity Oct 8
  • "Taxonomies? That's classified information..." The taxonomy community of practice is a forum to communicate ideas, techniques and experiences in deriving, applying and maintaining taxonomies...
    1271 members Last activity Sep 9
  • Indexstudents is for anyone interested in learning to index books, magazines, databases and the World Wide Web. Discussion may involve the following issues: indexing...
    1368 members Last activity Sep 18
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  • Welcome to the Legal Indexing Yahoo Group, a SIG (Special Interest Group) affiliate of the American Society of Indexers. The mission is to provide members with a...
    30 members Last activity Oct 13
  • A free-ranging discussion of independent and small-press publishing and marketing. Other than bullying, name-calling, rude flames, spam, or entire newsletters, pretty much anything goes. Anyone engaging in a...
    415 members Last activity May 6
  • A mailing list for writers, authors, journalists, editors and publishers in the South Florida area. A good place for networking, freelance discussions and job opportunities.
    454 members Last activity Oct 5
  • Information sharing about MACREX, the complete indexing program for professional indexers for more than 30 years. This group is limited to students enrolled in a UC Berkeley online indexer...
    233 members Last activity Sep 4
  • Diskusi bebas dan informasi seputar Erlangga Cabang Surabaya
    157 members Last activity Oct 4
  • A collegial group for editorial professionals that serves as a forum for free-ranging conversation on topics of interest in the publishing industry.
    108 members Last activity Jul 30, 2015
  • Association of Editors of Scopemed Journals (AESJ)
    77 members Last activity Jan 4