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  • A list for indexers of books, Websites, or any other media. All indexing-related topics are discussed, including tools, ergonomics, work habits, finding...
    857 members Last activity 8:06 AM
  • Scholarly Indexing is an open forum for professional indexers who specialize in indexing materials published by academic presses, or publications intended for scholars, researchers, and...
    274 members Last activity Jun 24
  • Diskusi bebas dan informasi seputar Erlangga Cabang Surabaya
    194 members Last activity Jun 30
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  • A networking site for authors published through Harmony Ink Press.
    67 members Last activity Jun 22
  • Indexstudents is for anyone interested in learning to index books, magazines, databases and the World Wide Web. Discussion will involve the following issues: indexing...
    1379 members Last activity 12:48 PM
  • "Taxonomies? That's classified information..." The taxonomy community of practice is a forum to communicate ideas, techniques and experiences in deriving, applying and maintaining taxonomies...
    1246 members Last activity 7:22 AM
  • A mailing list for writers, authors, journalists, editors and publishers in the South Florida area. A good place for networking, freelance discussions and job opportunities.
    453 members Last activity Jun 15
  • A free-ranging discussion of independent and small-press publishing and marketing. Other than bullying, name-calling, rude flames, spam, or entire newsletters, pretty much anything goes. Anyone engaging in a...
    419 members Last activity Mar 7
  • We are making online photo fulfillment easy for North America's publications.
    10 members Last activity Jun 29
  • Information sharing about MACREX, the complete indexing program for professional indexers for more than 30 years. This group is limited to students enrolled in the UC Berkeley online indexer...
    215 members Last activity Jan 20