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  • One stop CAD shop. CAD/CAE/ Animation training CAD services & printing Advertising services & printing
    17 members Last activity 5:53 PM
  • Hello and welcome! This forum is for users and owners of the Karat, an innovative printing press manufactured by KBA. The forum is dedicated to unbiased information and productive discussions about...
    124 members Last activity Jan 29
  • Lets share experience with the Dye Sublimation Process.We need members for answers to Questions. Call Mike at 1-800-218-8114 for all your Sub needs.This club also welcomes...
    425 members Last activity 7:39 PM
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  • Former UARCO Employees
    315 members Last activity 6:29 PM
  • This group is intended for personnel who are running the Heidelberg NexPress 2100. The idea is to get a good autonomous user group running as a resource for information and networking with other NexPress...
    281 members Last activity 7:02 PM
  • A friendly resource for pad printing exchange. Owners, experts, manufacturers, buyers, commercial printers, small business beginners, everybody is welcome.
    174 members Last activity 5:34 AM
  • kristinn difonzo defla
    9807 members Last activity May 14, 2014
  • DAYE Makinenin imalat ve pazarlama faaliyetleri Offset-Tampon-Serigafi-Flexo gibi başlıca baskı teknikleri için ile her türlü makine ve ekipmanları temin edebilme fırsatını sizlere sunmaktadır. DAYE can supply / produce for...
    89 members Last activity Feb 27
  • AL-Jawad Plastic and Flexible Packaging Factory established 1992 in AL-Hassa 1st Industrial City (Saudi Arabia). We were Focus on polyethylene...
    4527 members Last activity Jun 13, 2014
  • This discussion group deals with all kinds of discussions about Heidelberger Druckmaschinen offset printing presses in the sheetfed (Printmaster and Speedmaster) area! QM 46, GTO 52...
    93 members Last activity Feb 27