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  • The Steel-Detail list is for general discussions related to the business of producing shop and erection drawings for the fabricated steel construction industry. Some of the people subscribed to this list...
    2975 members Last activity Mar 26
  • This discussion list is dedicated to the Miscellaneous Metals and Ornamental Iron Detailer. The list is for general discussions related to the business of producing shop...
    893 members Last activity Mar 28
  • Forum berbagi informasi, wawasan, pengetahuan dan diskusi untuk kemajuan bersama
    31 members Last activity 2:10 AM
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  • The group is formed by the people who have worked for SELAS /KTI New Delhi from 1971 till 1995, for a minimum period of one year in any location. Each member must give details of the association with the KTI, position held and...
    55 members Last activity Mar 28
  • Group Konsultan SPAM Wilayah II Banusra, Maluku, Malut, Pabar dan Papua - PT.Pillar
    33 members Last activity Mar 23
  • Condition Monitoring Services Provider "We provide 24 hours on call services, 7 days a week, to fulfill our customer needs"
    29 members Last activity Mar 4
  • This group is for people interested in Geckodrive Inc. motion control products. This group is moderated for new members to eliminate spam. Once you post anything even remotely on-topic, your status will be set to...
    5102 members Last activity Mar 10
  • Group SPAM Wilayah II Banusra, Maluku, Malut, Papua dan Pabar - PT.Pillar
    16 members Last activity Feb 18
  • Inspired by exndeu Yahoo group, Bechtel Indian Community (BecInC) group is an effort to bring all Indians who have worked for Bechtel, on a common platform to share knowledge and to support each other. (Created on...
    301 members Last activity Mar 5
  • Inspector Supervisi Sumatera
    12 members Last activity Jan 25