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  • Yagoo Group to receive public feedback on our Concord Shiva Murugan Temple
    4 members Last activity May 24
  • This Club is dedicated to promoting awareness of Rudraksha and Ratna. Rudraksha and Ratna are alive with powers to change your life. They have power to change emotions...
    1732 members Last activity May 23
  • Gayatri Pariwar Youth Group Bangalore: a progressive group of parijan who have joined hands to herald the dawn of Satyug through Thought Revolution Movement. Our source of inspiration is...
    478 members Last activity May 18
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  • Hampshire Puja and Cultural Association
    108 members Last activity May 23
  • Announcements about religious/cultural activities at Berlin Mandir, New Jersey.
    683 members Last activity May 12
  • Srijanani Melbourne Vedanta Study Group has been studying various Vedanta Texts, Slokas and chanting under the guidance of Acharyaji Sri Vasudevacharya...
    33 members Last activity Feb 19
  • This is a group of people in NW Arkansas, focused to achieve the goal of constructing a Hindu Temple in the neighbourhood
    1498 members Last activity May 18
  • This group's aim is to get together and learn Tattvavada, Panchabheda and taratamya according to Shrimad Anandathirtha bhagavatpAdAchAryaru under the leadership of Shri Kiran kumar. Also form a...
    50 members Last activity Feb 22
  • Bhagavata Seva Group, Inc. is an Atlanta, GA-based non-profit organization formed to propagate the ancient Sanathana Dharma wisdom as revealed by the holy Vedas and Upanishads, and...
    503 members Last activity Sep 4, 2016
  • Radha Krishna Temple, Lawrenceville, NJ
    374 members Last activity Apr 18