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  • This groups if for python related stuff.
    15 members Last activity Aug 15
  • For discussing how Python is used in the financial community, and developing tools to enhance its utility there.
    398 members Last activity Oct 14
  • (no description)
    220 members Last activity Oct 7
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  • Diskusi Python Indonesia
    1092 members Last activity Sep 28
  • This group is working to bring GUI programming in Python to beginning/intermediate programmers. The focus centers around the use of Python in programming education.
    140 members Last activity Oct 8
  • The mailing list and newsgroup are intended for discussion of and questions about all aspects of design and use of the Python programming language. The list and group are not moderated, i.e., everything you send or post...
    1536 members Last activity Jun 15, 2014
  • This group will try to help you in embedding the Python scripting language inside your Delphi applications.
    617 members Last activity May 7, 2014
  • Python, Django, Plone, and Zope Jobs
    499 members Last activity Jan 11, 2016
  • Python CE is an implementation of the Python programming language for Windows CE based devices. Python CE is free software. Python scripts are small, occupying very...
    787 members Last activity Oct 14
  • This club is a place to talk about the python programming language. Anything of interest to python programmers is fair game, such as DB access, ports to different platforms, and basic language issues. All welcome...
    307 members Last activity Jun 15, 2014