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  • Milis Polres Tegal
    117 members Last activity 5:24 PM
  • Welcome to Ultimate Street Magic! Where Street Magicians unite!!! Featuring Weekly Tricks, Discussion topics, poll's and more!
    595 members Last activity 4:33 AM
  • secrets to magic's biggest secrets: levitation, Bar magic, Street magic etc. If you know something i dont we can share secrets with each other.
    283 members Last activity Aug 2
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  • Hey all you David Blaine fans! Please join my new yahoo group for the brilliant showman himself, David Blaine. Among others I have been amazed at the tricks and stunts...
    533 members Last activity Aug 2
  • Discuss the embeded codes in David Blaine's new book 'Mysterious Stranger'...
    271 members Last activity 2:04 AM
  • ***NEW***NOTE*** (7.23.02) The prior refrain has been lifted. All that is asked of you is that you warn your readers in advance if you are going to dispell a secret of magic.
    517 members Last activity 6:28 AM
  • Above The Below This group is composed of the great contributors from the channel 4 Above the Below forum. Everybody is welcome here. We are a great bunch of people dedicated to...
    167 members Last activity 2:37 PM
  • secrets to the twisting arm illusion, self levitation, quarter vanish, time on watch telepathy etc.
    127 members Last activity 10:40 PM
  • David Blaine Magic Tricks Card Tricks + Street Magic !! - Ebook David Blaine Ultimate Secrets Revealed Magic Tricks David...
    314 members Last activity 11:57 AM
  • Do you like to share your magic abilities with fellow magicians? If so, this is the club for you! With me, Harry Houdini, you will be able to talk about your favorite magic tricks!
    123 members Last activity 8:16 AM