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  • This group is set up for the members of New York Avenue church of Christ in Arlington, TX for the distribution of information, ideas, and suggestions.
    186 members Last activity Jun 30
  • Welcome to the Bastrop Church of Christ Yahoo! Groups website! This group has been created for the members of the Bastrop Church of Christ located in...
    115 members Last activity 2:36 PM
  • This is a group for members of Fultondale Church of Christ so that postings can be made with announcements, prayer requests, and news of interest to all members.
    78 members Last activity 11:34 AM
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  • This group is for members and friends of the South County Church of Christ in Wakefield, Rhode Island. It is designed to improve communication as we seek to serve God.
    47 members Last activity Jun 30
  • An email group for the members of our church family, which meets at 1375 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN. This group is designed for the sharing of information such as: *Prayer needs...
    39 members Last activity 7:31 AM
  • Goodman Oaks has set up this email group to help us quickly get information out to our church family. It is intended for sending information out only. Any email sent to this group will only be received by the...
    279 members Last activity Jun 26
  • Christians
    24 members Last activity Jun 30
  • The Living Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ is of the Apostolic Faith located in Charlotte, NC. 4920 East W.T. Harris Blvd. Bishop...
    106 members Last activity Jun 26
  • This group has been born with the Hope of Uniting the Church of Christ youths all over the world and bringing them all into a relationship that would further strengthen our bond in the Faith that we so dearly share and...
    48 members Last activity 5:30 AM
  • This group is to facilitate more comunication within our church family during the week. Feel free to send prayer requests, post items for sale or to give away, share helpful resources or opportunities, plan projects, get advice, etc.
    135 members Last activity Jun 30