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  • A private fantasy football league that epitomizes hard-core competition. Full 53-man rosters, practice squads, contracts, salaries, injured reserve, offensive line stats - a total fantasy football experience!
    10 members Last activity Apr 13
  • FANTASY FOOTBALL AT IT'S BEST!!!! Join for more info. To much to explain here, so just get the info you need, or all of it by joining. Most leagues of mine are realistic, but then we add a feature that makes...
    152 members Last activity 9:17 AM
  • League Champion is Anthony// Alabama Crimson Tide!!!! A 1st TIME CHAMP! We keep zero players to carry forward to next year. UConn Huskies won the consolation bracket...
    13 members Last activity Mar 17
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  • Welcome to the Official Website of The Renegade Football League! Launched in 1994 by RFL Owner and Commissioner John C. Pankowski, the RFL has...
    25 members Last activity Mar 25
  • Kanto League
    21 members Last activity Jan 28
  • Past Champions 2015: 2014: Trojans 2013: Seacocks 2012: Oshvegas 2011: Reyes of Hope 2010: High Plains Drifter 2009: Michigan Militia 2008: Baltic ButtBeaters 2007...
    15 members Last activity Mar 12
  • Fantasy Football League
    12 members Last activity Dec 25, 2014
  • This is a salary cap fantasy NFL for serious players
    21 members Last activity Dec 27, 2014
  • ROUND 1: 1. Joey Gallo, 3B (Brentwood Brosephs) 2. Carlos Correa, SS (Rican's Cobras) 3. Miguel Sano, 3B (Bay of Puigs) 4. Addison...
    13 members Last activity Apr 15
  • Still the best darn fantasy football league on earth. Past Champions: 2014: The HK Bonecrushers 2013: Clutch Co. 2012: Steel Sicilians 2011: Steel Sicilians 2010: Dorchester...
    17 members Last activity Apr 14