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  • This is a place for those of us who like collecting holstein cows. I have over 100 figurines, ceramics, etc. This is a place for us to exchange ideas and good places to look for collectibles
    148 members Last activity Jul 26
  • Welcome to the land of Milkyway! Moo, here, the legendary Cow Goddess! All Cow Lovers gather here! Feel free to RP, talk about Cows, look at Cow pictures, etc.! I will be in Yahoo...
    69 members Last activity 12:31 PM
  • All things Guernsey
    1119 members Last activity Jul 23
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  • Welcowme! Here's a place to hang out and chew the cud. Let's chat about our cow collection whether it's real cows ,stuffed cows,or cow figurines. Or if you know someone that collects cows, come on in and join the herd at this barn...
    23 members Last activity Jan 9, 2014
  • Georgia residents against National Animal Id dedicated in the fight against the approaching darkness of NAIS. Please come prepared to work and fight against this oppressive government program which will require all...
    26 members Last activity Dec 4, 2012
  • Hello! Letting everyone know we are back in business..Du and family moved to the farm to open the dairy back up and we have gotten our cows back from the lease dairy and all is going as well as expected considering this weather...
    13 members Last activity Jan 13, 2012
  • This group is for enthusiasts who enjoy keeping and breeding Dairy goats. The aim of the group is to share ideas,support others with dairy goat health issues and promote the keeping of dairy goats...
    14 members Last activity Oct 15, 2007
  • We the cattle ranchers talk about how to take care of cows and other tips of feeding, grooming, and raising healty and strong cattle.
    20 members Last activity Feb 12, 2013
  • This is the group for the online photo showing of model cattle. Join for up to the minutes information concerning the show. Our web page is at: http://www.modelcattlecollectors.org/ Sales lists and...
    12 members Last activity 3:26 PM
  • A group for penpals to find friends and also to leave their message. The theme is 'cows'... Would you like to share a cow photo, crafts item. plastic canvas or graphic???
    29 members Last activity Sep 6, 2012