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  • 01-11-15 Back to the old management... List Mom Sue Hanson === Welcome to 'Here-Be-Tatters' a list for shuttle and needle tatters alike. This is an International group which opened...
    789 members Last activity Jan 24
  • Satellite group of the Lacemakers of Puget Sound. Members should also be members of LPS if at all possible.
    32 members Last activity 12:08 PM
  • Austin, TX lacemakers guild.
    58 members Last activity Jan 24
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  • De Frivolite(k)ring heeft tot doel, om al die mensen, die frivolite beoefenen en denken dat ze de enige zijn, met elkaar in contact te brengen. Tevens is de groep bedoelt voor mensen die het lieftst in het nederlands willen communiceren. Het is de bedoeling, dat we samen deze site gaan...
    230 members Last activity Feb 9
  • Anything related to the craft of making bobbin lace. Share where you find bobbins, threads, and other supplies.
    955 members Last activity Jan 22
  • A place for everyone interested in bobbin lace, tatting, hardanger and crocheting including Irish crocheting to get together to share patterns, ideas, help, etc. We can share patterns, give each other help and support, and just...
    843 members Last activity Aug 12, 2014
  • This group is for members of the Heartland Lace Guild.
    54 members Last activity Dec 5, 2015
  • Celtic Tatting is the art of making Celtic designs in tatted lace. Interested in Celtic art? Celtic Lacemaking? Tatting? Celtic Tatting group is the place to share and learn more about...
    515 members Last activity Oct 21, 2015
  • Welcome to S_NTATTERS from Tatter Turtle, our group mascot. Tatter was designed for us by Mark Myers. If you are looking for a friendly group where you can discuss tatting and...
    503 members Last activity Sep 17, 2015
  • Hi, and welcome to needle_tat. Needle tatting is much easier than tatting with a shuttle, and stops you from going insane to boot. :) I'm going to be starting on-line lessons soon, for both beginners and...
    451 members Last activity May 12, 2015