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  • Hello, welcome to the wonderful world of Roberto Benigni!!! Roberto Benigni is an extremely talented Italian comedian who brings forth a unique sense of creativity and delightful humor to all of his films. He was born...
    87 members Last activity Feb 16, 2016
  • Roberto Benigni is not just beloved in Italy-he's now beloved the world over! This sweet, talented, exuberant treasure is a refreshing ray of sunshine and happiness in a sometimes sad and cynical world. This list is for anyone who has been...
    87 members Last activity Aug 23, 2015
  • This club is about the Italian Actor and filmmaker Roberto Benigni. Share your toughts about his films including "Life is Beautiful."
    74 members Last activity Sep 12, 2012
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  • Hey everyone. Roberto Benigni rocks and if you're here, you think he does too. This is basically just to gush about him...
    70 members Last activity Nov 12, 2012
  • anjani is indian screenwriter all set to change the scenario of screenwriting in filmmaking
    7 members Last activity Jun 18, 2011