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  • So long as there is the earth and the heavens; So long as the world endures; So long as there is life in the world; So long as a single Kurd breathes; There will be this Kurdistan.
    341 members Last activity Aug 30
  • Languages of Kurdistan This is a place to discuss languages spoken in Kurdistan (Kurmanci, Sorani, Zazaki, Gorani) and everything related to this matter. Each of these...
    135 members Last activity Aug 9
  • This group informs about activities to save the ancient city of Hasankeyf and against the Ilisu dam.
    58 members Last activity Aug 22
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  • Ey, Kurdistan, welate bav u kalan... le sed hewar u gazi, duzhmena me ravenden...
    88 members Last activity Aug 21
  • Anyone interested in kurds, kurdish language and culture is invited to become a member of this club. Rude and harsh language and extreme political discussions are not allowed to take place. Lets talk and share our ideas...
    95 members Last activity Aug 20
  • divet hemu xwendevanen kurd digel hevdu bicivin. em hemu platformeke cebikin. Kurd hemu bireyet hevin. Divet em yekitiya xwe xurt bikin
    67 members Last activity Aug 21
  • Kurd/Kurdistan/Kurdish/Kurdmania/Kurd Land/Kurdish & Persian Language/Iran/Iraq/Turky & other
    83 members Last activity Aug 21
  • Ji Bo Yekiti u Peshvechuna Gel e Kurd ; TEVGER
    60 members Last activity Aug 22
  • Awarakany Kurdistan: loosely translated means: The exiles or a people without a home...People of Kurdistan Unite & Fight for the true freedom of Kurdistan!!!
    55 members Last activity Aug 22
  • مه‌به‌ستمانه‌ خزمه‌ت بکه‌ین به‌خێر هاتن بۆ گروپی به‌ره‌و زانست گروپی به‌ره‌و زانست هه‌فته‌ی 2 ڕۆژ، وه‌ ڕۆژی 3 ئیمه‌یڵ واته‌ هه‌فته‌ی 6 ئیمه‌یڵی هه‌مه‌ڕه‌نگ ده‌نێرێت بۆ ئه...
    5051 members Last activity Jun 28