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  • This group is simply for Slovak Learners from all around the world. Are you studying Slovak at some school, or trying to learn by yourself, or interested in learning Slovak some time,... ? Well, this group...
    142 members Last activity Dec 27, 2013
  • Slovak Red Cross Youth network
    59 members Last activity Feb 26, 2011
  • -Tak ako? -Ale de to. -A Nastenku si videl? -No jo a Marfusu taky. Mrazik se to menovalo! -Ale ne tu Nastenku... Nastenku na Egroups! -A co to je? -Mailing list pre ludi prevazne z domen .sk a .cz, ktori sa...
    40 members Last activity Dec 28, 2012
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  • Arboretum 2004 :)
    96 members Last activity Nov 5, 2012
  • sdjalksdjoa dkj
    92 members Last activity Nov 5, 2012
  • Magyarországi Szlovák Fiatalok Szervezete (Maszfisz) A szervezet célja a Magyarországon élő szlovák fiatalok kapcsolatainak ápolása. Rendezvényeinken jó...
    23 members Last activity Aug 12, 2012
  • SloMSA (Slovak Medical Students´ asociation) is a full member of IFMSA (Internation Federation of Medical Students´Associations). SloMSA has 3 full...
    14 members Last activity Feb 18, 2012
  • Taka floodovacia grupa...
    7 members Last activity Apr 2, 2014
  • KSD-okno, okno ktoré v lete chladí a v zime hreje!!!
    3 members Last activity Aug 6, 2014
  • Slovindia - Spolocnost Slovensko Indickeho Priatelstva
    6 members Last activity Jun 18, 2011