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  • This is am email group set up for the members of the wesley family to communicate with each other.
    73 members Last activity Nov 23
  • This group is news, greetings, announcements, and general ramblings of the members of the Rex G and Ferrol S Whitmore family. Welcome!
    43 members Last activity Nov 24
  • Wirth Family Reunion and Other Stuff
    30 members Last activity Nov 18
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  • News of the Samuel Moroni Whitmore family.
    67 members Last activity Nov 23
  • This is a site for the Willson family! Add pictures, sent emails, etc...
    27 members Last activity 9:49 AM
  • The Brad Webb family (and friends) list For posting of birthday and Christmas wish lists and reminders of family get togethers.
    14 members Last activity Nov 24
  • This group is for the Weaver family. It is specifically intended for the family of John Richard and Margaret Weaver, including descendants and in-laws.
    42 members Last activity Nov 14
  • This group is for the Jerry Wakefield family and friends to keep in touch.
    28 members Last activity Nov 24
  • This list was founded in 2004 to help members of the Walker Clan stay in touch. This picture is from Nana Manning's surprise birthday party July 1, 2010.
    22 members Last activity Nov 21
  • A great way to stay in touch, share photos and make announcements to the whole family and it's friends at once!!
    26 members Last activity Oct 15