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  • welcome fds! this group is exclusively for all the frontdesk staffs, supervisors and store oics of microcadd tech.
    65 members Last activity Mar 27
  • Feel free to exchange your ideas
    52 members Last activity Mar 26
  • A discussion group for descendants and relations of Milford Minchey and Martha Anderson Minchey
    46 members Last activity Mar 22
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  • Ruth McRoberts family including children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.Also interested relatives.
    43 members Last activity 4:58 PM
  • This group is for members of the extended MacCarthy family.
    23 members Last activity 10:03 AM
  • A group of those decending from John Robert Malone oF Bedford.
    12 members Last activity 8:33 PM
  • Group for Mayo Family
    13 members Last activity 1:48 PM
  • This is an email group specifically for the Moore Family. It's a way to keep the family posted on what's going on with everyone. You know, posting for Happy Birthdays, Anniversaries, who just got a new car...
    30 members Last activity Mar 25
  • This group is reserved for open discourse between the decendents of Sakerlal and Parvati Mody, relatives by marriage, and certain affiliates, thereof.
    53 members Last activity 7:54 PM
  • Monroe family December 2011
    48 members Last activity Mar 17