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  • Since Vickie is a Clarke, I thought we could have a group named after the Clarkes. All events, goings-on, and ideas are welcome.
    13 members Last activity 8:26 AM
  • The Internet Meeting Place for the friends, family and decendents of Lois and Wendell Cotton
    16 members Last activity Jul 3
  • This is the children of Phillip Sr and Rosena Conyers
    22 members Last activity Jul 2
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  • This site is lovingly dedicated to Dan and Marilyn Cotton and their extended and far-reaching family. Crystal and Brandon Morgan October 16, 2010
    19 members Last activity Jul 1
  • Group correspondence of the parents, sisters, spouses, and children of the Capistranos of Maranaw.
    6 members Last activity 2:26 AM
  • We are bunch of professionals. cool brothers and sisters who are ther to rise above the blues
    11 members Last activity 8:05 PM
  • Let's get together
    31 members Last activity Jul 3
  • For the use for the family. Use this for announcements, news flashes and all around sharing of information.
    32 members Last activity Jul 4
  • This is a family group for the CIT family.
    28 members Last activity Jun 20
  • The Clark Family from Orlando, Florida
    15 members Last activity Jun 30