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  • This is an open forum for all you Champions to discuss any SKINNEE BUSINESS, meet other 2SJ fans and MORE! Please help to spread the word about this extremely talented and underrated band. Much Love and...
    281 members Last activity Jul 30, 2012
  • The 2 Skinnee J's
    65 members Last activity Aug 13, 2012
  • 2 Skinnee J's are the best band in the world. With their massively talented instrumentalists, Power Lance, Eddie Eyeball, Stevie Spice, and Mikey B, and their...
    39 members Last activity Nov 13, 2012
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  • Group designed to promote total Skinnee Domination. Dedicated to the best band of all time, the 2 Skinnee J's. Info, tours, photos, reviews, you name it and you'll find it here. Help this...
    21 members Last activity Jul 7, 2013
  • __Nga mt nhìn tri_ __Hn i vô i_____ __p u xung gi__ __Vô i là sao______ __Li nhìn lên cao___ __Ti sao vô i_____ __i vào bóng ti____ __Vô i là ta_______
    7 members Last activity Jun 14, 2012
  • ngay` xu*A be^n dong`s0^ng diu` hiu ngo^i nha` tranh tha^p' thoang' dang' cua? em hje^n`....Nha` t0^j ngay lang` be^n tjm` sang tham lam` wen phut' ch0^c' nghe l0ng` ye^U me^n........ to be continuse
    4 members Last activity Dec 2, 2008
  • wo0o0o0ow
    2 members Last activity Jul 24, 2008
  • free download
    2 members Last activity Sep 26, 2011
  • ko gi ca>?
    3 members Last activity Jul 30, 2012
  • Hãy mang tình yêu cho tng bài hát và to cm hng cho mình....^^
    2 members Last activity Aug 26, 2008