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  • BurningMoms Mission Statement BurningMoms is NOT a group for discussion of how to take your kid to the playa. If you need this information, these guys will get you where you need to go. This is a high-volume discussion group and...
    126 members Last activity 9:20 AM
  • Western Massachusetts Burners The official Mailing list for the Western Mass Burners. This group has been created as a location for all burners and the curious in Western...
    137 members Last activity Nov 5
  • Welcome to the South Bay Burners Regional discussion group! This group exists to discuss regional business concerning South Bay Burners, the Burning Man Regional for...
    252 members Last activity Oct 31
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  • An arts & music festival unlike any other in Colorado, establishing a temporary autonomous zone where radical self-expression, inclusiveness & self-reliance are the hallmarks of its participants.
    466 members Last activity Nov 15
  • The SOURCE for all of us lovely individuals looking to rap and communicate about the deeds needing to be done and doing it. A happy bunch of lovely loonies looking to procrastinate about super serious issues and...
    83 members Last activity Aug 21
  • This group is designed to promote the positive growth of the Denver Metro area Burningman community. This is an on-topic group that functions as a communication tool for interactions within our community. This...
    44 members Last activity Nov 15
  • An eclectic collection of individuals committed to spreading peace, love, and dance on the playa as well as in our everyday lives. To find us look for the big, red pyramid crossing the playa at night, or make your way to the front of any dance floor...
    190 members Last activity Nov 10
  • The mountainous region of western Colorado is a large and sparse area, this list serves to bring together a like minded community separated by vast ranges in order to forward our desire to bring burningman into our daily lives.
    28 members Last activity Nov 15
  • The newest, coolest yahoo group for Burners in Colorado hosted by your Colorado Burning Man Regionals.
    26 members Last activity Nov 24
  • Welcome to Gateway Burners. A medium for St. Louisians to communicate about Burning Man, Burning Man related events, or anything else of creative interest.
    398 members Last activity Oct 7