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  • Deep in stone grey walls of the bunker, racks on rows are loaded with guns. Darts are stock piled in huge bins. Out side, troopers armed with the finest, most accurate and powerful...
    107 members Last activity Sep 26, 2013
  • A group devoted to the building and modifying of NERF guns.
    119 members Last activity Sep 14, 2013
  • Welcome to Supersoakeronline, the meeting place for Supersoaker warriors all over the net. This board is the forum for the website, also check the poll section for public opinions. Super Soaker! -=we put the war back in...
    122 members Last activity Jul 14, 2013
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  • nerf club
    87 members Last activity Jan 28, 2013
  • NerfOnline
    82 members Last activity Sep 1, 2012
  • Welcome To CNN (Club Nerf Nexus), if you joined this club other then through my web page please visit it at: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/1807/nerf/
    77 members Last activity Aug 5, 2012
  • جروب خاص بالرياضه
    16 members Last activity Jun 15, 2012
  • جرنب خاص جدا بافرٍاضة
    18 members Last activity Jun 14, 2012
  • Looking for toys - of all sorts!
    9 members Last activity Jun 14, 2012
  • This is a group about Nerf guns. You can talk about wars you've had, modifications you've made, or, if you dared to, guns you've made from scratch. Using this group, I hope that we could all become...
    11 members Last activity Jun 14, 2012