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  • This is an alumni group composed of former employees of Motorola's ISG division (formerly Codex Corporation) who reside in the Boston area. The exploder is used to update members on...
    68 members Last activity Apr 2
  • This group is for ex-Motorola employees to use to stay in touch with each other and for networking during job searches. Please try to limit 'negative messages', but humor is encouraged! :-) Spamming is...
    557 members Last activity Aug 17, 2014
  • This group is for support of products produced and sold my RPC Electronics. This group is also for supporting any products that RPC Electronics resells as a dealer.
    84 members Last activity Mar 16
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  • All about Rigol oscilloscopes. This is the place to discuss the what, where, and how of the Rigol digital storage oscilloscopes. Ask, learn, report, or just comment on what you think about these machines, how you use them...
    90 members Last activity Mar 10
  • This group is engaged to promote bangladeshi sme products to global markets.
    24 members Last activity Oct 12, 2014
  • Welcome a discussion forum on Photonics. We will request a certain level of maturity with discussion here as well as non offensive user handles. We also like to hear about the people who invest in leading edge technology. > Please respect others !
    257 members Last activity 9:24 PM
  • Site specializing in Sony S700/S710 Themes got tired of other groups never updating there themes and finding better ones else where, great source of themes peroid, will try to...
    315 members Last activity 9:56 PM
  • The "HDS Alum" club is a gathering point for all current and former Hitachi Data System employees. The club is intended to provide a virtual place for HDS alumni to stay in touch with each other...
    245 members Last activity 9:14 PM
  • General Electric Company is one of the largest and most diversified corporations in the world. GE's products include lamps and other lighting products, major home appliances...
    113 members Last activity 10:30 PM
  • must fulfill data here for all member pdkb team siantar
    16 members Last activity Apr 29