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  • This list is to promote academic exchange and clinical issues relevant to Indian orthodontists. Please use internet to have lively meaningful discussion with your collegues.
    994 members Last activity May 2
  • This group is for Uk based Orthodontists to discuss all aspects of Orthodontics,practice management,new contracts and any other topic which other list members can help with.
    377 members Last activity Jan 27
  • A place to bring together the Orthodontists of Andhra Pradesh for the benefit of ORTHODONTIC UPDATE. All members of this group can share their orthodontic knowledge by uploading files or giving important...
    214 members Last activity May 1
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  • Staffordshire Orthodontic Managed Clinical Network was formed in April 2009 as a response to the fragmented nature of Orthodontic provision in the county. All orthodontic providers in...
    51 members Last activity Apr 30
  • This is an e-Commnunity for all students and teachers of the graduate program in Orthodontics of Centro Escolar University (Manila, Philippines)
    26 members Last activity Feb 28
  • This is part 1 of the 3 parts counting group with the movie of samuel. Link to Group 2 Link to Group 3
    395 members Last activity 11:48 PM
  • This is a group for people with headgear.
    864 members Last activity 1:31 AM
  • Der Zahnspangentreff für Girls
    697 members Last activity 1:11 PM
  • I founded this club obviously because...I HATE MY BRACES!!! I hate the pain after every countless orthadontist appointment. I hate getting junk stuck in them!!! So it's time to let off some steam everyone. WHO HATES...
    574 members Last activity 10:53 PM
  • A forum for children with braces or other orthodontic devices and their parents.
    313 members Last activity 10:28 PM