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  • Northern California Soaring Mailing List Our Web Site Our Blog (The Buzzard)
    223 members Last activity 8:46 AM
  • Tehachapi Soaring is devoted entirely to soaring. This group is designed to share information for Local glider pilots that fly at: L94, L71, IYK and L00. Spam, racism, name...
    178 members Last activity 12:15 AM
  • A discussion group for members of the North Carolina Soaring Association (NCSA). For more information visit our web site: www.ncsoaring.org
    137 members Last activity 7:17 AM
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  • Kansas Soaring Group is made up of members of the Kansas Soaring Association.
    134 members Last activity 9:30 AM
  • Keeping all at the Welland Gliding Club Lyveden nr Kettering Northants (UK) informed
    107 members Last activity Dec 10
  • Chat / News channel for RAFGSA Chilterns Gliding Centre
    84 members Last activity Dec 10
  • The Piedmont Soaring Society Yahoo user group exists for the benefit of the membership and is open to our club members only. This site provides a simple means to upload photos, and files of...
    57 members Last activity Dec 7
  • Freedom's Wings International (FWI) is a non-profit organization run by and for people with physical disabilities. We provide the opportunity for those who are physically challenged to fly in specially adapted...
    21 members Last activity Dec 9
  • Approved Announcements & Notices of The Gliding Centre - No reply facility on this email group. Opinions can be emailed and they will be picked up by those with authorised access. FURTHER INFO...
    188 members Last activity Nov 30
  • **** This site is a discussion platform for OWNERS of a DG Flugzeugbau selfstarting motorgliders. The idea is to seek help from experienced motorglider owners and to share experiences. **** How to join...
    313 members Last activity Dec 2