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  • This where anyone likes to post any types of rainsuits, raincoats, rainwear
    604 members Last activity Jun 23
  • This group to try and educate all those simple or stupid people that just won`t wear there Hoods the way they should be worn, even when they should be worn, never at any other time.
    451 members Last activity Jun 24
  • i like girls in k-way or rainwear
    840 members Last activity 1:28 PM
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  • This group aims at all rainwear enthusiasts who like to see girls and women with rainwear in daily life. Feel free to post images you took of women wearing rainwear. But please don't load up any commercial stuff - just own...
    454 members Last activity 2:05 PM
  • Women in hooded nylon rainwear and windwear
    551 members Last activity Jun 24
  • K-way rainwear and rainwear pants.
    318 members Last activity Jun 24
  • For folks who like, wear, and/or have worn a jockey's-cap rainslicker--please share whatever you may have here!
    297 members Last activity Jun 24
  • For those of you who enjoy wearing rainwear, macs, anoraks, parkas, jackets and coats with fur trimmed hoods, preferably up!!! Pleez no sleez!!
    227 members Last activity Jun 26
  • for the love of rain
    223 members Last activity Jun 24
  • dress for the rain in style
    104 members Last activity Jun 24