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  • The Iolausian Mailing List was created to celebrate Iolaus and the actor who played him, Michael Hurst. We come a long way... Iolaus completed his final televised...
    115 members Last activity Aug 1
  • A place where all Michael Hurst fans can just hang out.Scheduled chats start on Sundays 4:00(Central)
    91 members Last activity Aug 20
  • Angels Hot Michael Hurst Club
    69 members Last activity Aug 21
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  • Hey people!! Wsup? Thanks for coming to my Iolaus Fan Club, it is the 2nd fan club for him, hopefully, soon they'll be more :-)
    61 members Last activity Nov 12, 2012
  • this is dedicated to Michael Hurst, you will be having a instant message about Micheal like up and comming conventions, appearances, news biography by step by step. enjoy while you still can? also once you are a member or if you are a...
    8 members Last activity Oct 19, 2009