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  • A discussion list for the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. 1. No flaming. Try to be polite. 2. No flame-baiting. Management procedures are moderators discretion.
    1189 members Last activity 10:46 AM
  • This is an Un-Official list not owned or administred by the Kingdom of the Outlands or the Society for Creative Anachronism Inc.
    1476 members Last activity 4:30 PM
  • WELCOME! This is the main discussion and announcement yahoogroups list for the Empire of Adria, a national 501c3 educational organization dedicated to recreating the skills and activities of the middle ages and...
    645 members Last activity Feb 13
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  • unofficial society for creative anachronism page for those in the philadelphia area and their friends WWW.BHAKAIL.EASTKINGDOM.ORG
    437 members Last activity 4:59 AM
  • Forum for communication of those in the Society for Creative Anachronism, (SCA) specifically those in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley (Altavia, Caid)
    310 members Last activity Feb 11
  • The Seventh Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line is a group of living historians and reenactors that wish to accurately portray our colonial forebears who from a vast wilderness carved...
    216 members Last activity 2:27 PM
  • Welcome to the gathering place for the folk and friends of the Barony of Iron Bog (Gloucester, Camden, and So. Burlington Counties, NJ), a quiet corner of the Kingdom of the East...
    206 members Last activity Feb 13
  • An announcement and discussion list for members, applicant members, and friends of Colonel Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment.
    130 members Last activity 2:26 PM
  • The Barony of Shattered Crystal is the St. Louis Metro-East and SW Illinois chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronisms. This list is to provide...
    124 members Last activity 3:15 PM
  • This a group for members and friends of the SCA Shire of Troll Fen, located mundanely in Lafayette, LA. It's a way for Shire members to communciate about upcoming events and to keep in touch...
    121 members Last activity Feb 8