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  • Hello. Welcome to Raped Innocence. This is a club for misunderstood people who had to grow up faster than most people would. I welcome any and all to join. Please feel free to Vent on here. We...
    442 members Last activity Nov 23
  • Victim Of Life: Rage, Rant, Vent here. It`s FREE Easy & you will feel better! Had a Bad Day? Road Rage? Someone screwed you over? Whatever it...
    125 members Last activity Sep 21
  • People who want to argue a point and even dogbone it to death. Be prepared to provide evidence to support your position, and it better not be Reader's Digest!
    132 members Last activity Sep 21
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  • "...why is it so important that we all be humiliated, with such ingenuity and at such great expense? we never thought we were such hot stuff in the first place..." -Kurt Vonnegut We are the ones with passion to see past others what they...
    127 members Last activity Jul 19
  • How do you really feel about working in the Utah Call Center? I am sure that you have had your fair share of bad treatment in the Utah Call Center Workplace. Tell us your...
    61 members Last activity Sep 21
  • What, you don't believe what X said to you or to the public. Ok, so then this service "might" be for you. Vent all ye want 'bout nearly anything of social, political, theological, philosophical, psychological, artistic, or scientific significance. Oh well, what is it all about?
    64 members Last activity Sep 21
  • Madrona Village 2 is a way to voice your opinion about our community. we may at times agree on issues, and of course we may not agree. This is just another way for everyone to communicate and voice their opinion!
    106 members Last activity May 4, 2014
  • This is the place to talk TRASH
    165 members Last activity Aug 17, 2013
  • Bajai Kulture: Irreverent Irrelevance
    81 members Last activity Aug 26, 2010
  • erwin, nadine, jonjon, riza, arnel, joy, joel, jen, jomal, reyg, lea, hughie, karen, jason, cha, jester, bum, cupid, jr, darwin, sheryl, chris, dennis, alvin, leklek, junjun, che, wesley, beejay, willet, ariel, brenda, cheryl, deanna, bong, junjun
    60 members Last activity Jun 8