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  • Welcome to Poetry is Power, where we save the world with poems. Activist, housewife, woman or a man; our poetry will save the world if save the world we can!
    2 members Last activity Aug 28
  • In here you can wite poems so other people can read. Read other people's poems.
    316 members Last activity Aug 22
  • SEND YOUR POEM AND SEE IT IN OUR SITE, OR STOP HERE TO READ GOOD POETRY. This forum is open to everyone with no exception. You comment can help to this...
    394 members Last activity Aug 30
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  • A collection of the greatest love poems in one Web site. These love poems are dedicated to all the loving people of the world. Romantic collection of love poems, love quotes, famous quotes, and inspirational...
    1201 members Last activity 8:09 PM
  • this group of romantic poet will really touch our heart writing a poem for our love ones
    304 members Last activity Aug 21
  • Mailis ini dibuat untuk anda - anda yang ingin mendapatkan sesuatu yang baru...( yang akan merubah hidup anda ). Jangan takut ini bukanlah ajakan unutk ke jalan yang sesat. Di mailis ini anda akan mendapatkan berita - berita terkini baik dari luar maupun dari dalam negeri. Dan diselingi dengan gambar - gambar untuk...
    279 members Last activity Aug 26
  • This is a "spam-free" ROMANTIC POETRY, FRIENDSHIP and INSPIRATIONAL PICTURE SHARING group. The purpose of this club is to talk about life, friendship, and the meaning of "true love"... Come and share...
    1461 members Last activity Aug 30
  • Welcome to the Oracle... We are here to share gifts of love and passion only verse can express....Think of this place as an aphrodisiac of sorts, a place where love and lust flow freely from the tongue to the paper so to speak..... Enjoy and treat this club as your...
    238 members Last activity Aug 22
  • what mean the group i don't know i no idea to write down what to say so can write just like this
    50 members Last activity Aug 25
  • Welcome to the club soon to be the best and biggest.. Fell free to post poems of any subjects. Fell free to visit my poetry site and now the official site of this club...and as a note all poems that are posted in here are...
    223 members Last activity Aug 23