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  • This is a group for people who are learning Welsh to practice and support each other. All Welsh Learners are welcome from those just starting to those fluent.
    770 members Last activity Jul 3, 2014
  • The objectives of the Welsh Society of New Mexico are to perpetuate an interest in the customs, culture, and language of Wales through fellowship and song. Membership is open to everyone and we encourage your support...
    45 members Last activity Oct 19, 2015
  • The Hudson Valley Welsh Society is a loose knit group of people of Welsh descent or ancestry. We meet three or four times a year to share meals, conversation, cultural events and fun times.
    35 members Last activity Jan 11
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  • Cysylltydd Gweithgor Dysgu Cymraeg Ardal Wrecsam
    4 members Last activity Dec 4, 2013
  • Brussels Welsh Society Meets at 1830 on the first Monday of every month at the Old "...." pub Boulevard de Charlemagne and Rue Joseph II.
    228 members Last activity 5:00 AM
  • This is a club for young transgendered women in Cardiff and their family and friends
    266 members Last activity 9:52 AM
  • Clwb yn unig i Gymry, i gael hwyl gyda Chymry eraill ar y we!
    96 members Last activity 3:19 AM
  • Clwb Malu Cachu is for Welsh learners, Welsh speakers, people who would like to learn Welsh and, of course, anyone who simply likes the look of it. Just think of Clwb Malu Cachu as the email...
    1012 members Last activity Jan 23, 2015
  • Helo pobl dyma'ch cyfle i siarad allan am eich breuddwydion i dyfodol ein gwlad!! Gewch ch e.bostio fi- steph_babehyfryd@yahoo.com neu jyst sgwennu! os oes rhywun yn gwybod tnrhyw glwb arall cymraeg sgwennwch o lawr ac os ydach chiyn Steddfod .genedlaethol mon 'leni gewch chi fy nghyfarfod i...
    90 members Last activity Aug 21, 2015
  • S'mai pawb! It's really important that you all join in with the various dicussions; portrayal of the Welsh, the Assembly, music, cinema, etc and also that you all get to know each other!!
    351 members Last activity Jan 29, 2013