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  • This e-mail reflector is for ANYONE interested in Collecting and or Preserving the history of Electronic Communications gear. This includes everything from Telegraph, Spark, Early...
    547 members Last activity Jul 24
  • This group allows you to get instant support from DipTrace staff and experienced DipTrace users, suggest and discuss new features of this software package, test latest beta-versions and report bugs, etc. Also the group...
    2623 members Last activity Jul 10
  • Asset Protection Professionals of SEIPI (APPS) Formerly - SEIPI Security Association of the Philippines (SSAP) is the networking committee that continuously works...
    107 members Last activity 3:22 PM
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  • Connector Consultants
    15 members Last activity Jul 13
  • This list is for the discussion of the MiniDisc format. I have been following this incredible breakthrough of technology for a long time. In 1992 this machine first appeared, then fizzled away quickly....bad timing. But now...
    453 members Last activity May 22
  • To provide a place where the customers of PWB Electronics can exchange ideas on how best to utilize the products of Peter Belt and transform their audio listening experience.
    183 members Last activity Jul 13
  • This group is for ex-Motorola employees to use to stay in touch with each other and for networking during job searches. Please try to limit 'negative messages', but humor is encouraged! :-) Spamming is...
    557 members Last activity Aug 17, 2014
  • This is an alumni group composed of former employees of Motorola's ISG division (formerly Codex Corporation) who reside in the Boston area. The exploder is used to update members on...
    67 members Last activity Jul 2
  • This is a group to keep in touch with all the former employees of Nazomi (a.k.a Jedi tech)
    33 members Last activity Feb 18
  • This group is for support of products produced and sold my RPC Electronics. This group is also for supporting any products that RPC Electronics resells as a dealer.
    84 members Last activity Mar 16