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  • This e-mail reflector is for ANYONE interested in Collecting and or Preserving the history of Electronic Communications gear. This includes everything from Telegraph, Spark, Early...
    544 members Last activity 12:22 PM
  • Asset Protection Professionals of SEIPI (APPS) Formerly - SEIPI Security Association of the Philippines (SSAP) is the networking committee that continuously works...
    105 members Last activity 3:55 PM
  • This group allows you to get instant support from DipTrace staff and experienced DipTrace users, suggest and discuss new features of this software package, test latest beta-versions and report bugs, etc. Also the group...
    2603 members Last activity 12:13 PM
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  • Connector Consultants
    14 members Last activity Jan 29
  • This list is for the discussion of the MiniDisc format. I have been following this incredible breakthrough of technology for a long time. In 1992 this machine first appeared, then fizzled away quickly....bad timing. But now...
    456 members Last activity Feb 25
  • An Internet communication tool for members of Livingston Chapter #30,Livingston Council #73 and members of the Masonic Fraternity in Livingston County
    14 members Last activity Feb 19
  • Welcome To Motorola PT Portable Radio. This Group Is For Those Who Either Use, Collect Or Like The Old Style...
    81 members Last activity Jan 29
  • This is a group to keep in touch with all the former employees of Nazomi (a.k.a Jedi tech)
    33 members Last activity Feb 18
  • This group is for support of products produced and sold my RPC Electronics. This group is also for supporting any products that RPC Electronics resells as a dealer.
    83 members Last activity Jan 3
  • This group is for ex-Motorola employees to use to stay in touch with each other and for networking during job searches. Please try to limit 'negative messages', but humor is encouraged! :-) Spamming is...
    557 members Last activity Aug 17, 2014