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  • General discussion about REpresentational State Transfer, the name given to the architectural style which describes the best behaved subset of the World Wide Web (circa 1993), as determined by...
    1935 members Last activity 9:42 AM
  • Discussions about SOAP::Lite, XMLRPC::Lite and UDDI::Lite for Perl (www.soaplite.com). Easy access to information about released versions, features and on-going development.
    1196 members Last activity Aug 25, 2014
  • Simulation, Modeling and Analysis of Computer Networks (ECE 6620)
    28 members Last activity 2:36 AM
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  • ASHRAE SSPC 135 "BACnet Committee" Objects and Services Working Group (OS-WG) Please note that this Yahoo group is NOT FOR PURPOSES BEYOND...
    69 members Last activity Feb 2
  • Protocol Testing
    185 members Last activity Feb 18
  • MS/TP Working Group
    113 members Last activity Apr 30, 2014
  • This group will research, draft, and propose additions to the BACnet standard to support the requirements of lighting control applications. The group will work in cooperation with the NEMA Lighting Control Council...
    137 members Last activity Jan 5
  • This group is used by active members of the BACnet IP Working Group.
    74 members Last activity Feb 25
  • This group is primarily used by the BTL and its affiliated test laboratories for general announcements about BACnet testing and BTL activities. The e-mail volume in this group is...
    102 members Last activity Feb 27
  • This Yahoo! group is used by people participating in the activities of the BACnet IT Working Group, which is part of the BACnet committee (ASHRAE SSPC 135). Please visit...
    76 members Last activity Jan 27