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  • Da Realist crew is one of the crunkest and fasting growing crew on da planet. If you are apart of my crew den u understand wat the word loyalt mean. stay loyal to crew we stay loyal to u *MEMBER OF DA WEEK IS DA...
    263 members Last activity Nov 20
  • ON uR spEakErs!!!nOw plAying shEn mE tAi dU... **ThAnx tO Choco n J-Wu 4 jOinin us...**ŽÓŽÓ‰Æ�‹˜a�I�Ž...
    182 members Last activity 2:51 AM
  • HiP hOp MuSiC n CuLtUrE
    122 members Last activity Aug 22
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  • Wolfpac is based in Sunnyvale, California Bay Area baby! Formed in 1998 we are a group of friends that grew up together since elementary and high school. We have had our rough times...
    79 members Last activity Oct 26
  • a bunch of chio bus & yan daos...
    53 members Last activity Aug 21
  • ?¤?,¸¸,?¤?°`°?¤ ãÌãæÚÉ ãíÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÏæÇáäãÑ ÇáÈÑÏíɤ?°`°?¤?,¸¸,?¤? !~¤§¦ÍȦ§¤~!!~¤§¦ ÕæÑ ÑÚÈ ¦§¤~!!~¤§¦ÇÝáÇã/ÕæÑ...
    107 members Last activity Aug 20
  • Hip Hop Headz is a U of T organization exploring the 4 elements of hip hop culture.
    148 members Last activity Apr 20
  • Welcome to CSNY's information link. We provide updates on CSNY company classes, performances and youth outreach events.
    389 members Last activity Feb 8, 2012
  • VIPInfo is your urban gossip connect! Find out who's in the studio, who's in trouble with the law, & who's making big moves in the hip-hop / R&B world.
    616 members Last activity Jan 24, 2014
  • "Hip hop was created out of love- a love for a culture and a people. We gotta get back to that." ~Common We are.... The Elements UCF's Hip Hop Student Organization. Our mission...
    203 members Last activity Sep 20, 2012