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  • ---------------------------------------------- LONG LIVE IUTians' BROTHERHOOD ---------------------------------------------- This group is formed of graduating and gratuated students of Islamic University of...
    1217 members Last activity Sep 30
  • This is the group created for notifying about the important activities of NSIT batch 2008-2012 e.g. companies coming for interns and placements, various seminars & PPTS etc.. Anybody...
    515 members Last activity Sep 15
  • The alumni association of the College of Fisheries, Mangalore.
    210 members Last activity Aug 27
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  • Wallace Community College--Sparks Campus UPWARD BOUND GET S.M.A.R.T. - Students Making A Right Turn! We're fifty-five strong and come from...
    140 members Last activity Apr 1, 2014
  • hi friends, This group is formed by ___-_jawahar_-___ , this group will help us to keep in touch with every body , please don't send any unnecessary mails in this group, and don't misuse the group, and please everybody check Ur mails at least weakly once , and please inform the...
    96 members Last activity Aug 25
  • This is the group discussion and information outlet for the United Christian Secondary School, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.
    218 members Last activity Feb 23
  • To help unite past and present students, to share their experiences, and help foster growth of the school.
    21 members Last activity Aug 25
  • IN LIBRIS SPES PATRAE Hey Domegrammarians! * Up Bishop/Ade-Ajayi! * Up Oyiyo! * Up Yellow! * Up Red House! UP DOHERTY...
    261 members Last activity Sep 30
  • UPWARD BOUND & TRIO Educational Outreach program is an educational enrichment progam for student 9th through 12th grade
    120 members Last activity Aug 25
  • Members will consist of active alumni of Midlands Technical College Upward Bound.
    55 members Last activity Aug 25