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  • Jake's Message: Stand for Something... ...Support Your Beliefs! FIGHT NOW! I'm Jake. I am a former Republican strategist and campaign manager. I do not like what the...
    1375 members Last activity 12:12 PM
  • An online news organ responsible to dissiminate news affecting the people of the world.
    1380 members Last activity 8:49 AM
  • This is an information list for those who wish to be informed of the activities of the journal HISTORICAL MATERIALISM, published by Brill Academic Press.
    7371 members Last activity 3:48 AM
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  • News on U.S. imperialism, corpora-terrorism, and the New World Order Fighting for the lost ideal of Government of, by, and for the People. Citizens For Legitimate Government™...
    2089 members Last activity 2:08 AM
  • A discussion group dedicated to the open and effective discussion of the problems of Indian Malaysians and to find pragmatic and effective solutions to them, within the context of nation building in multiracial Malaysia. If you...
    2506 members Last activity 10:10 PM
  • Our focus is to help to build a labor party in the United States. (See the Labor Party website at: http://www.igc.apc.org/lpa.) Building a labor party is an important step to the American working class winning the battle for...
    108 members Last activity May 3
  • Official e-mail list of Douglas Park Civic Association
    595 members Last activity 8:15 AM
  • Liste d'information pour les amis de la revue Contretemps
    443 members Last activity 10:15 AM
  • Contrary to common "wisdom", friends DO discuss politics. We will update ourselves on various issues of international,national, and local importance, such as: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Iran--should we pull all US...
    13 members Last activity 8:24 AM
  • You've reached "Fed Up Conservatives" If you're a conservative and want to take your country back from Obama and the democrat party, this group is a good place to start. Hold this administration accountable for the attacks they...
    326 members Last activity 7:25 PM