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  • This Sight is for all the Vin Diesel Lovers out there!
    814 members Last activity 6:55 PM
  • Hiya!! This is my obsession, Vin Diesel. I absolutely LOVE Vinny. I got my share of pictures for you and my own opinions. I hope you join for the same reasons that...
    366 members Last activity 11:56 PM
  • this site is about vin diesel and what he's all about and i'll i can say is that i know most of the under ground stuff on vin diesel and i'll tell cause thats what i'm i'll about u know so vin is totaly hot and alot more but he's a guy with secerts and other stuff too so be free and tell what u know too i'll...
    224 members Last activity Apr 27
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  • This site is for fan fictions about the characters played by, and the man himself, VIN DIESEL! All rules must be complied with. Rules can be found in the files folder. Pictures...
    151 members Last activity 9:52 PM
  • For anyone who thought Vin Diesel was the greatest actor in The Fast and The Furious, Boiler Room, Pitch Black, Multi Facial, Saving...
    362 members Last activity Apr 27
  • I love Vin Diesel and if your here, you do to. This is a club where you can chat and get the latest info on the sexiest guy you and I have ever seen.
    323 members Last activity Apr 27
  • The Pacifier is out on DVD. Go check it out.
    876 members Last activity Apr 27
  • Fanfic group for the Vin Diesel Estrogen Brigade, if you wish to use it. No R or X rated stuff (ie. no sex) here, if you have that kind of fanfic, post it the main list. This list is for people of all ages.
    170 members Last activity 9:39 AM
  • Lot's of Diesel!
    1105 members Last activity Apr 27
  • A tribute to one of Hollywood's greatest actors. I have lots of information and pictures. Enjoy!!!
    532 members Last activity Apr 27