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  • Notify list for Mary Anne Mohanraj's journal.
    32 members Last activity 4:53 PM
  • This group is dedicated to sending information about the writings of James (Jim) Mullaney
    512 members Last activity Oct 31, 2014
  • The mailing list of the Friends of Arthur Machen, a society based in the UK devoted to the Welsh writer Arthur Machen, his works and life. Although the list is mainly...
    228 members Last activity Mar 22
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  • A place to discuss an author who I feel is once of the great American writers of the twentieth century. He is often dismissed due to the length of his books and detail that he includes. I think this is what...
    56 members Last activity 5:08 AM
  • List for story updates and discussion of LJ Maas Original Writings and Fan Fiction. This list allows members to discuss anything related to the works of LJ Maas...
    928 members Last activity Jun 14, 2014
  • List for story updates and announcements of LJ Maas Original Writings and Fan Fiction. This is an announcement list only. Meaning there is no chat/discussion between members...
    363 members Last activity Mar 18, 2013
  • This club is dedicated to the discussion of the life and works of Dr. Malachi Martin (1921~1999), eminent theologian, thirty years an Exorcist, expert on the Catholic Church, former Jesuit and professor at the...
    152 members Last activity Jan 19
  • For readers of the works of author and journalist G. Wayne Miller.
    88 members Last activity Nov 26, 2009
  • This group is meant to distribute news and info about romance novelist Deb Marlowe.
    70 members Last activity Oct 21, 2013
  • This group is monitored by James C. Martin author of Push Not the River and Against a Crimson Sky.
    49 members Last activity Sep 17, 2011