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  • Discussing books written by Christian authors Stephen Bly & Janet Chester Bly. Released MARCH 2012: Stuart Brannon's Final Shot by...
    101 members Last activity Oct 13
  • A mailing to fans presenting the latest news and upcoming releases of author, Carole Bellacera.
    421 members Last activity Nov 7, 2014
  • This list reviews the work of Fredric Brown -- the North American author of *Martians Go Home,* *The Lights in the Skies are Stars*,*Mindthing*, the Edgar...
    157 members Last activity Aug 30
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  • Barth's Latest: Every Third Thought: A Novel in Five Seasons John Barth Discussion Group "Yes, well." Welcome. Click to join johnbarth
    136 members Last activity May 26
  • Discussions on the writings and life of Algernon Blackwood. The cover picture is of the Aland Islands in Sweden.
    77 members Last activity Jul 25, 2016
  • For news and information on the works of Blair Bancroft, who writes Regency Romance, Historical Romance, and Suspense (with Mystery lurking just off stage). This is an "announce...
    46 members Last activity Sep 8
  • Now that my web site - www.barbarabretton.com - is up and running, I'd like to offer a free notify service to visitors. On the first day of the month(or thereabouts - I've been known to be embarrassingly late), I'll send out a message...
    954 members Last activity Apr 16, 2014
  • The Ravenscroft Castle Herald is the newsletter for fans and readers of books by New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Rebecca Brandewyne. For additional...
    527 members Last activity Jan 23, 2014
  • A place for readers of books by James Scott Bell to get up to date information and insights on the author.
    420 members Last activity May 20, 2014
  • This list is an update only list to inform you of story updates and my book announcements. If you'd like to chat about the stories, please feel free to join the DS Bauden's Fiction mailing list. http://groups.yahoo.com...
    306 members Last activity Nov 27, 2013