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  • This a club for all of those Tobey Maguire fans out there. A place where we can admire the talent and beauty that is Tobey.
    363 members Last activity Apr 20
  • This is dedicated to the one and only Tobey Maguire; to celebrate his accomplishment as an actor and being such a great guy!He is the best actor and one of the biggest talents in a long time to take Hollywood...
    329 members Last activity Apr 20
  • This is the first and only club all about Tobey Maguire so come in and join and talk about the very talented actor, who is also cute!!!
    905 members Last activity Apr 20
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  • Hi,every one!I just decided to start a group all about two wonderful hotties!Tobey Maguire and Elijah Wood..Notice how perfect they both are?? Elijah and Tobey both have Brown hair and blue...
    227 members Last activity Apr 20
  • This group is dedicated to the talented and sexy actor Tobey Maguire. Fans are welcome to join and talk about his films, upcoming events, talent, and (of course) how gorgeous he is.
    300 members Last activity Apr 20
  • Hi, my name is Jo and this is my Tobey Maguire fanclub. If you want to join the fan club....join. And if you just came here by an accident....you can still join. Please e-mail me if you need more information.
    163 members Last activity Apr 20
  • Hello, everyone! Welcome to Tobey Maguire Is Hott Like Whoa!!!, Yahoo!Group dedicated to the hottest and most talented young actor around:Tobias Vincent Maguire...
    90 members Last activity Apr 20
  • Hey all Tobey fans!!! I made this site for Tobey Maguire because I think he is SUCH a good actor. And if you feel the same way, come and join my club, anyone is welcome.
    78 members Last activity Apr 20
  • Charlize Theron, Kirsten Dunst, Reece Witherspoon (not to mention any number of girlfriends) are just a few of the interesting and beautiful women who have touched of Tobey's life...
    82 members Last activity Apr 20
  • Most Handsome Guyz Blockbuster Movie Feature Spider Man !!! See more than a hundred pics of Tobey Maguire as Spider Man plus some of the good-looking men in...
    470 members Last activity Jan 30, 2014