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  • This club was created to help all anti-nazis world wide. This club can be used as an information centre to inform you of all Nazi activitys. For example marches, meeting and rallys. All...
    78 members Last activity 8:24 PM
  • This club has been created to act against the amount of Nazis on the Internet. Everyone is welcome to post.
    68 members Last activity 10:45 PM
  • Join this club!
    65 members Last activity 9:52 PM
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  • 41 members Last activity Oct 12, 2009
  • Nazis stand up for urself
    44 members Last activity May 18, 2013
  • The Open Socity Of African Hebrews is a grassroots organization for Blacks who are in Jewish communities.
    43 members Last activity Sep 24, 2011
  • Hey......fell free to rant about racism and how the shitty muthafucka from ur office or algebra class or whatever -- keeps callin you a nigga or a chink or white trash. If you're gonna b callin some1 a "wigga" STAY THE HELL OUT! this is a club against racism against...
    20 members Last activity Sep 24, 2011
  • White Supremacists, welcome, this a place to express your opinion and certain issues like racism, and related categories like that. Please, say what you feel. I'd appreciate it. Thank you
    25 members Last activity Feb 4, 2013
  • AntiRacistActionLeague
    15 members Last activity Sep 24, 2011
  • Welcome. Do you think there are too many whites in this world, or two many web pages dedicated to them? We all love democracy but, what if the white race had to go? Join us in our discussion on how we can stop the evil of...
    31 members Last activity Sep 24, 2011