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  • Pinoy PSP Groups for sharing games, reviews,previews, news, video and screenshots for PlayStation Portable games
    834 members Last activity 11:42 AM
  • This is the first club that I've ever created. I'm not sure of it's capabilities, but I hope that people who see it will have the chance to connect to some MIDI file sites that feature video game music. I'm a huge RPG fan, so most of...
    247 members Last activity 2:42 PM
  • These are the songs from the soundtrack of NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 2. Here's the format of the file: ____________________ MPEG 2.0 layer 3 24kbit 16000Hz Mono ____________________ I know that this is not the...
    361 members Last activity 12:31 PM
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  • Yay! Music from the game "Okage: Shadow King"! You know you want to talk about it!
    134 members Last activity 11:43 AM
  • here you can download classic Nintendo music from various Nintendo Video games.
    144 members Last activity 3:15 AM
  • This group is for downloads of Anime Loverz! There are video clips, music files, pictures, and many ohter stuff, even MP3s! There are also games stuff. If you love Anime...
    199 members Last activity 12:14 AM
  • Welcome to game musician's guild, a place for game composers to meet. Periodically, there will also be posting regarding oppoturnities to work on game projects.
    395 members Last activity 1:46 PM
  • Okage: Shadow King Soundtrack
    118 members Last activity 11:49 AM
  • Various videogame tunes here, in mp3/midi format. Come look. :)
    67 members Last activity 1:11 PM
  • Here are some of the best themes from the world of TV and gaming in techno style. Choose from the list available and email me to find out how to get them (include the theme(s) you want). If you have any techno themes I don't have...
    76 members Last activity 12:16 PM