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    Groups List

  • This is a point of communication and gathering for anyone in the Brighton or Sussex area into Role Playing Games. Feel free to send us an email and get in touch with other people, whatever your game.
    221 members Last activity Apr 23
  • A group for the support of the Shadow Warriors UK Gaming Club located in Northfields, London. Visit our site @ http://www.shadow-warriors.co.uk
    99 members Last activity Apr 24
  • This group is coordinated by Emerald City Gamefest to organize, plan, and discuss tabletop and live-action roleplaying and board games, and to plan the Weekly Open Game Nights , currently being held at...
    105 members Last activity Apr 23
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  • We members of STURP are a ragtag band of role players with years of experience, and far too many unplayed supplements, seeking to spend a few hours each week getting our gaming fix. Despite the constant drama...
    27 members Last activity Apr 22
  • Space, the Final Frontier... In 2377 the Starship USS Voyager encountered a small outpost of Talaxians living inside an asteroid mining colony. While at the colony the crew of the Starship...
    25 members Last activity 11:10 AM
  • Busy people who love to read and want to be compelled to. Those of us who can feel our attention spans shrinking thanks to podcasts, iPads and other great technology, which we love, (but also love to hate.) We want to get back to the...
    17 members Last activity 12:33 AM
  • We are an RPG group in Round Rock, Texas. This group serves as a clearinghouse for information and discussion on our active campaigns.
    18 members Last activity 8:40 AM
  • A mailing list for players in Trinity-World and other games.
    16 members Last activity 4:00 PM
  • This is a group for people in the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio area into RPGs and related hobbies. We try to organize games and such here.
    16 members Last activity Apr 21
  • An official update and discussion list for The Role Playing Society of Monmouth County, NJ. We meet every Friday night at the Sunday School building of Old First United...
    75 members Last activity 2:24 PM