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  • "I feel like the squirrel that never has to worry about a nut. It's like I have my own personal nut machine. There's just this unlimited supply of nuts." ~CT Go on grrrrrl, get cho nut! ~ Joleeveynz
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  • Charlize Theron hollywood celebrities angelina jolie berry britney spears christina aguilera naked hilary duff jennifer aniston lopez jessica alba natalie portman pamela anderson raven salma hayek topless actors actress cast reese witherspoon 2 days amanda bynes ashley judd...
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  • Charlize Theron has starred in movies like The Devil's Advocate (1997); Mighty Joe Young (1998); The Cider House Rules (1999); The Legend of...
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  • Oleg sts 78
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  • Snowfire site updates, and news about Charlize Theron.
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  • This group is for WOMEN ONLY. The women that are like me out there who go searching for their favorit actresses or actors pictures, collecting them. Here I...
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  • This is a group to talk about Charlize Theron! My other Celebrity Groups and Movie Groups are listed in the Links section if you want to join?
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