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  • Jude Law....he's been dubbed the thinking woman's man, but it doesn't take much thought to realise (or in most cases spontaneously HIT you) that jude ascends further than the cerebral senses, he is without a doubt, the...
    1785 members Last activity Nov 29
  • Beautiful, great actor : Jude Law is my man ! In this group you'll find everything about Jude Law, and his best pics ever.
    688 members Last activity Nov 19
  • Is this not the sexiest face! Hes also more than just looks, hes a great talented actor! Hope yah like it here. Have fun and go crazy over Jude. If you have any suggestions e-mail me at Vampyra101@aol.com. Thanks...
    332 members Last activity 10:06 AM
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  • Welcome to Jude Law Fan Group! I've tried my best to bring fans together and support the talent of this british hottie. So i hope you really enjoy my group and you're more than welcome to join in. I want to thank the peeople who...
    346 members Last activity Nov 20
  • If you adore Jude Law (like myself), then you're in the right place, matey...
    199 members Last activity 12:41 PM
  • Welcome @ Jude Law Online! If you want to share your thoughts on Jude, meet like-minded people or just hang out a little bit, this is the place for you to be.
    252 members Last activity Nov 20
  • Hi everybody! This is the Judettes' group, full of lovely people who adores Jude Law and want to spend a funny time together sharing feelings, thoughts and impressions! If you want to be one of us, just join...
    87 members Last activity Sep 21
  • A Mailing List dedicated to talented and gorgeous british actor Jude Law! If you are a fan... Please Join!!
    68 members Last activity Sep 21
    137 members Last activity Aug 21
  • Jude Law is hands down the most gorgeous man alive!
    99 members Last activity Aug 20