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  • If you like Mr. Bale and the movies he's starred in, please join!
    371 members Last activity 4:01 AM
  • Welcome to The UnOfficial Christian Bale Fan Club! I know, I know, you are probably here to see some Groovy pictures and stuff and so it shall be! Visit our photo site if you're a member and if...
    545 members Last activity Feb 22
  • Who's the man? Christian Bale is! This club is mainly a place for us true BaleHeads to gather and talk about our favorite actor, Christian Bale. We'll be discussing news about Christian, as...
    899 members Last activity Feb 22
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  • Welcome to BALE-FOREVER!! This is a fan club specifically designed for ANYONE and EVERYONE interested in the brilliant actor CHRISTIAN BALE! It's free! There are no...
    594 members Last activity Feb 22
  • Hey...I am a serious Balefan...I love Christian Bale. I have seen almost all of his movies. He is the greatest actor and also one of the sexiest. If you are a...
    345 members Last activity Feb 22
  • Greetings Baleheads! If you absolutely love and adore, the charming and talented Christian Bale, than this is the place to be. So swing by and enjoy the ride! The ride is wild, so hold on tight, to whatever is attached to...
    169 members Last activity May 1
  • This is not another Bale forum. We wish here to present the art and work of Mr. Christian Bale, actor extraordinaire, and try to explain the sense of his career and of his destiny as an actor, not as an individual, even if both seem inseparable, which...
    65 members Last activity Mar 12, 2013
  • This is where fans of actor Christian Bale can come in order to hang out and discuss anything Christian Bale related!
    148 members Last activity May 1
  • Christian Bale 4ever
    99 members Last activity Jul 9, 2016
  • this is a list for all of you Baleheads out there who are impressed with not only this actors good looks but his incredible talent as well.
    96 members Last activity Jul 9, 2016