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  • Geographically located in the metro New York area, da.de.re.gi. is bridge that ties the different beats in the Korean drumming tradition, poongmul. Through this muscial form, da.de.rae.gi. intends to bridge the...
    18 members Last activity Jan 15, 2014
  • This is the place to catch the latest news, reviews, discussions and more about your favorite Korean music artists. If you are gonna visit my personal page, beware it is not fully operational and I still might change...
    464 members Last activity 10:47 PM
  • Hello Hello!!! Welcome to Korean Pop Stars.. Yes this used to be High-five of teenagers Unite. But I needed something new so I just made a club for all Korean...
    497 members Last activity 10:31 PM
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  • Welcome to the Korean Entertainment Group! Feel free to discuss anything about Korean singers, K-POP, movies, and any news updates. Enjoy! *TAKE, Shinhwa, Click...
    781 members Last activity 10:19 PM
  • Join this Korean Music Community .. Trading Center [MP3, CD , book , mag , etc] , Info / News / Rumor , FriendShip... all 'bout korean especially K-POP
    494 members Last activity 2:26 PM
  • Hi, all you korean music lovers. Here's a place to exchange infos on your fav korean gasoos, if you have any suggestions or ideas, just e-mail me and let me know!!
    443 members Last activity 5:03 AM
  • Hi~yah! K-pop fans! This is a group for Shinvi! Come join in here to support your idol!
    163 members Last activity 6:56 PM
  • Soundtrack MP3 to the Full House TV mini series
    293 members Last activity 2:53 AM
  • Hello guest. If you like to play music, then you come to the right place to chat with the pretty Korean girl with multi talents! I will post a picture of me very soon! Until now, deal with it!
    140 members Last activity 1:43 PM
  • Hey everyone~! I love Finkl, there are the best korean group. Join my club, we'll talk about the latest happenings of Finkl~ I just love them, don't you? if you love them too, this is the club for you...
    139 members Last activity Aug 1