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  • Welcome to Van Dammage,one of the first Van Damme clubs,I'm Billy(VS),a die-hard fan who's been seeing his films all my life!!!This club is for people who love...
    680 members Last activity 12:42 AM
  • Welcome to the semi- Muscles from Brussels movie group! Since © 1999, this group/club has been the #1 source for Jean-Claude Van Damme's info, news, photos, multimedia and more on Yahoo! ®.com. It's...
    1195 members Last activity 11:53 PM
  • Welcome to the Jean-Claude Van Damme Club Headquarters, from the creators of the Van Damme Internet Headquarters. All members and visitors of this club can...
    216 members Last activity 11:24 PM
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  • JCVD Is Such A Great Actor, There Is Only One Word That Can Be Used To Describe Him....... ~Brilliant~ You Name...
    215 members Last activity 12:14 AM
  • This is a place for JCVD fans to meet, trade pictures, and gossip about one of the hottest actors around.
    216 members Last activity 1:20 AM
  • Jean Claude Van Dame
    178 members Last activity 1:19 AM
  • I am a huge fan of Van Damme and have been for years now,but not just because of his amazingly tanned,toned and sexy physique and gorgeous face! I also think he is a great actor and an amazing martial artist which is why...
    177 members Last activity 12:13 AM
  • Club dedicado a Jean-Claude Van Damme en español, animaros y enviad fotos, noticias, etc. Vamos a hacer de este club uno de los mejores :o).
    162 members Last activity 11:10 PM
  • | This group is for any fan of Jean Claude Van Damme and his films | 64 Screen Caps from Universal Soldier added |
    73 members Last activity 11:53 PM
  • what a big load of wa nk!!
    76 members Last activity 11:41 PM