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    99 members Last activity Nov 24, 2014
  • This group is set up to appeal to those who love to play chess but for some unforeseen reason, can not attend the weekly chess lessons. Anthony will post all puzzles, skills learned and at home assignments, so all can benefit. Play dates...
    7 members Last activity Apr 19, 2014
  • hope you will enjoy this email chess club
    689 members Last activity 1:12 AM
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  • Hi everyone, this club is created to help players to find a oponnent for an email chess game
    417 members Last activity 1:58 AM
  • GET PAID for Playing, Learning and Talking CHESS. Check out our LINKS section for our Website with games played. Our Photo Section has some nice...
    166 members Last activity 2:13 AM
  • We play Chess with emailed to gather . And You? åá íÚÌÈß ÊáÚÈ ÇáÔØÑäÌ ãÚäÇ áÐÇ ÇÏÎá ÇáãæÞÚ æ ÇÔÊÑß Ýí ÇááÚÈå...
    155 members Last activity 12:41 AM
  • EC chess club
    122 members Last activity May 3
  • welcome, My club will help people find opponents for email chess and I also hope to start some tournaments as soon as we have enough people
    129 members Last activity 10:09 PM
  • Free Retro Computer Chess Game For Download! Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Deep South...
    148 members Last activity 12:52 AM
  • You ca play chess, make new freinds, and just talk. The rule is to just have fun and no swearing. I'm located in West Sussex, England. Have Fun!
    98 members Last activity 10:29 PM