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  • Mailing list for discussion of the M.E.G.S. RPG System, used in Mayfair's DC Heroes and Pulsar's Blood of Heroes , borne from the original DC Heroes RPG...
    1535 members Last activity 3:44 PM
  • Welcome to my, your, & our fan club. Primarily we discuss and share information about "Mythic Role Playing" and "World vs. Hero" . Sharing and discussion about "Mythic" combined with other role...
    1274 members Last activity Sep 1
  • PBeM mailing list for an on-line AD&D game based on TSR's Night Below module.
    33 members Last activity 7:34 PM
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  • Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment Fate is a free, standalone RPG system, available electronically from the files area of this group. At present, Fate's basis is the Fudge ruleset, which...
    4309 members Last activity Sep 2
  • The Official Don Carlos Memorial Game Group.
    11 members Last activity Sep 1
  • Serving the Gamma World community since 1998, this e-mail group is dedicated to helping all forms of life (mutants, pure strains, mutant plants and animals) share their ideas about their...
    815 members Last activity Aug 25
  • Game Night Information and an easy way to update each other.
    15 members Last activity Sep 2
  • This is the re-purposed Bold Beginnings WWW Site. We'll collectively use this site for planning and coordination for the Zhalindor Campaign set in and around the Duchy of Kernan.
    30 members Last activity 5:16 AM
  • Kansas City Pathfinder Society
    90 members Last activity 12:48 AM
  • This a system run on Dragon Warriors. It has been around since the 1980's. It is similar in nature to D&D3E. http://youtu.be/VXv-dMDF51o http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Warriors#Game...
    10 members Last activity 2:37 PM