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  • Discussion Group for members of the Wolverhampton Aviation Group . Updates on visits and trips will be announced here, as well as other group related notices and discussions...
    147 members Last activity Apr 18
  • A Group for photos and discussion of U. S. Marine Corps aircraft of all years with an emphasis on history. Squadron operations, colors and markings and aircraft details are...
    46 members Last activity 1:41 AM
  • Aviation News E-group
    29 members Last activity 2:29 AM
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  • This is a group for the discussion of all aspects of the Airwar in Southeast Asia from 1957 to 1975. This includes aircraft, helicopters, transports, tankers, etc. Aerial operations in...
    115 members Last activity Apr 16
  • A group to share photos and information about the rich history of aircraft used by the National Guard and Air National Guard.This heritage extends from the first squadron in January 1921 to the present day.
    81 members Last activity 1:08 PM
  • This is the place for everything F-16. Photos, drawings, information sharing are welcome. Spam and flaming are not.
    97 members Last activity Apr 14
  • This is the place to share pictures, stories, and information about the Lockheed C-130.
    234 members Last activity Apr 17
  • A Group for photos and discussion of all aircraft types purchased by the U. S. Army Air Forces. This is not a group for World War II operations but rather a history of the...
    90 members Last activity Apr 17
  • This group is for anyone who enjoys either listening to Michigan military flights on scanners and/or spotting military aircraft at airports in Michigan. Feel free to upload scanner frequencies...
    103 members Last activity 6:36 AM
  • This group is a place for owners of Aeronca L3 WW-II Observation planes to exchange information and ideas.
    173 members Last activity Apr 1